4G / 5G & Satellite Internet Connectivity

We deliver super fast internet in remote & rural locations by installing the latest in mobile connectivity and wireless technology.

Connectivity Solutions

4G & 5G Broadband

Get high speed broadband in rural and remote locations.

At VISYOO we provide both hardware and the 4G/5G data package with a bespoke installation service to make sure you are always connected.

Choose from a variety of robust, high speed 4G/5G routers and antennas and fantastic data packages from all major networks



Point to Point (PtP) WiFi

Extend your network wirelessly with point to point WiFi.

Where traditional ethernet cabling can’t be installed due to the landscape or other obstacles, ‘point to point’ WiFi offers high speed connection and extension of your network without cables.

4G Internet Connectivity Farm
Starlink installed on Dartmoor

Starlink - Satellite Internet

With high speeds and latency as low as 20ms in most locations, Starlink enables video calls, online gaming, streaming, and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet.

Mesh WiFi Products

Extend your WiFi netework and access to the  internet with Mesh WiFi.  

Deployment Examples

Farming and Rural

  • Get high speed 4G / 5G or Satellite internet where a traditional connection can’t be installed.
  • Connect to long range WiFi anywhere outside in fields and courtyards.
  • Extend your network to outbuildings to connect equipment in all locations.


Solving the problem of poor internet

Many organisations suffer from poor internet connectivity, often this is due to large scale sites where long cable runs from building to building or any location on site are not possible or economical.

This is a problem that at Visyoo, we can solve with relative ease using the latest in mobile connectivity and wireless technology.

4G Internet Connectivity Farm

Installation Service

We design and install high performance IT networks for businesses of all sizes.

Speed, security and reliability are at the core of every network we design.

Our team of certified engineers are experienced at installing hard wired ethernet cabling and wireless networking equipment alike. Beyond basic routing and network switching we integrate and setup equipment such as, CCTV and WIFI hardware.

We are partnered with the best such as CISCO Meraki and Ubiquiti.

Network Switch

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