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CCTV – Smart Cameras

Discover the latest smart CCTV technology. 

Replace obsolete cameras with the latest technology that’s secure, easy to manage and intelligent.

Dramatically improve the way you respond to theft, or any other threat.

CD31 Dome Smart CCTV Camera

Speedy Investigations

Use powerful forensics to filter people, vehicles motion and other attributes.


Person of Interest

Know instantly when repeat offenders are on site or suspicious activity occurs after hours. 

Monitor From Anywhere

Remotely access doors and cameras accross sites through the Comand web-based platform.

Access Control

Ensuring the right people have the right level of access to the right parts of your property is paramount in maintaining security for your business.

Provision Staff

Provision managers, employees and other staff with tiered access levels.

Schedule Doors

Schedule doors to lock or unlock based on hous of operations.

Access Control Badge

Alarm System

State of the art cloud alarms systems with professional monitoring.


Fast Response

Detect intruders in real-time with natively integrated cloud managed alarm system.

24/7 Monitoring

Respond Immediately with 24/7 professional monitoring.

Alarm Console Panel

Cloud Security Advantages

One Platform to Manage All Devices

Cloud based platforms that makes it simple to manage devices such as security cameras, access control and environment sensors. 

Add ten, hundreds or thousands of devices and benefit from secure, remote access to your sites from any browser or device.

CD31 Dome Smart CCTV Camera

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