VISYOO launch Green Web Hosting in the UK

Green Web Hosting

Written by Adam

Founder of VISYOO. Adam has two decades of experience delivering class leading tech to businesses of all sizes.

12 November 2022

We have some great news here at VISYOO! We are proud to announce our UK based green web hosting which boasts 100% Renewable Energy!

To celebrate and help our customers promote their low-carbon credentials we have created a badge that can be proudly displayed on websites hosted with VISYOO.

Show your website uses 100% renewable power with the VISYOO green hosting badge.

Green Web Hosting

What makes VISYOO green?

  • The VISYOO Data Centre is energy efficient and has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12
  • Our servers use 100% Renewable Energy ( e.g. wind generated power and solar energy)

Renewable Energy

Sustainability is a core value at VISYOO

Sustainability is one of our highest priorities here at VISYOO.

The internet uses a lot of power!

Web hosting companies have an inherent responsibility to use renewable energy sources and reduce the environmental impact of data centres and internet use. We view green energy as a must.

How much power does the internet use?

The internet is, unfortunately, very power hungry. To give a broad idea of energy consumption volume, 63% of the world use the internet!

From this it’s clear that green powered hosting services play a big role in reducing carbon emissions.

What going green means for your business

It’s no surprise becoming eco friendly will help your Company avoid obsolescence in the future.

Here’s are some facts to back that up:

Over 80% of consumers are increasingly favouring brands with a pledge to environmental sustainability.

According to an independent report by SmartestEnergy, 4 out of 5 people are likely to choose a brand with a positive outlook on environmental sustainability.

How fast is green web hosting?

You may be wondering how green web hosting will affect your websites performance.

Positive website user experience requires fast loading site. Website speed also contributes to improved SEO rankings not to mention the obvious bottom line of increased revenue and engagement.

The good news is our green web hosting is fast! We are very proud to have autoscaling tech that maximises efficiency as well as built in caching and website optimisation tools. There are no compromises in terms of website performance.

Does carbon neutral hosting cost more?

No. It costs less because it’s more efficient. Our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12 means less energy required and reduced costs.

All of our hosting plans are green whether you choose shared hosting, VPS Servers or our dedicated WordPress Hosting platform.

We invite you to join us and enjoy waving goodbye to fossil fuels and becoming carbon neutral. Learn more about our hosting packages here.


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