10 Fascinating Facts About WordPress in 2023

Written by Adam

Founder of VISYOO. Adam has two decades of experience delivering class leading tech to businesses of all sizes.

15 August 2023

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, with over 60 million websites built on the platform. Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has been continuously updated to improve its features and functionalities. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten fascinating facts about WordPress 2023 that every web developer, business director, and IT manager should know.

WordPress is faster than its predecessors.

With the latest version, WordPress has optimised speed and reduced tardiness. WordPress 2023 built on its existing features and enhanced user experience. It also includes server-side rendering technology, which improves the website’s loading time.

WordPress makes it easy to embed media

WordPress has set up the embed block, which can sync various audio, video, and music files allowing for more seamless integration of media into your website.

WordPress is even more mobile-friendly.

As the world becomes more mobile-oriented, WordPress has been updated to suit many mobile devices. The theme, colours, font, and format are all designed to fit mobile screens with ease.

WordPress offers a new media library experience.

WordPress has enhanced the media management experience by making it even more user-friendly than before. The update is especially beneficial for users that manage more than one website.

Security is now better than ever.

The new version has supplemented its security features by introducing a more simplified password management feature, a tougher CAPTCHA system, and the incorporation of Google 2-Step Verification, which is more secure than the existing method.

WordPress has improved Block Patterns.

The Block Editor in WordPress 2023 includes Block Patterns, which makes it easier to build complex websites with several content blocks. Developers can now upload theme-specific patterns into the new block library to use on their website.

WordPress supports the Full Site Editing.

The Full Site Editing feature is a comprehensive system that allows users to design and customize the entire website—pages, posts, and even the header and footer—making WordPress 2023 more intuitive and user-friendly.

Privacy Matters! WordPress has an updated Privacy Policy feature.

WordPress has updated the privacy policy features to include site owner information, cookie info, email settings, and GDPR privacy notices.

WordPress allows for integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot and more..

The updated version allows users to integrate Campaign Monitor, Pardot Marketing Automation, HubSpot Marketing Automation, and Salesforce CRM into their website.

WordPress is highly customisable.

WordPress gives developers the freedom to customise the platform to their preferences, adding and editing whatever to keep the website looking clean and updated.


WordPress 2023 is a modern and intuitive platform that every web developer, business director, and IT manager should know about and familiarise themselves with. It boasts several updates and features that make it a better CMS alternative to competitors. Whether you’re optimising your website for speed and performance or looking to improve your customer experience, WordPress 2023 has you covered!


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